Keeping a Journal

How To Bullet Journal in 2020 – Top Authors Share Journaling Tips

Whether you discovered bullet journaling recently and give it a try in 2020, or you already have a bullet journal, you might need some expert tips on how to bullet journal. For weeks, I was trying to create more spare time for myself. So I could start working on my first round-up post. Hopefully, I […]

5 Incredible Bullet Journal Ideas for Work

Staying organized can be tough. Especially because it is not easy to know if you are doing it wrong. Bullet Journaling ideas for work can solve this problem and many others. These tips will actually boost your work performance. I know this because I have been there before. A lot of people use either guided […]

Should I Keep A Journal? Read This 1 If You Are Not Sure.

Should you keep a journal? When they hear the familiar word ‘Journal’, most people reasonably think of their childhood diary with pages starting with ‘Dear Journal’ or ‘Dear Diary’. If you think ‘I’m an adult now and keeping a journal is not for me.’, you are wrong. Putting your life and thoughts on paper delivers more direct benefits than you can imagine. Yes, seriously. […]

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