Free Journal Printables

Mood-Based Free Journal Printable for Anger Management 2020

Anger is a strange thing. This mood-based free journal printable for anger management will help you with dealing with this feeling. I had a friend who gets angry every single time he feels hungry. While anger itself is a completely healthy sensation, you might say or do things in a way you will regret, if […]

37 Cheat Sheet of Life Hacks – Key Bullet Journal Spread

I know you will hate me for this. But bullet journaling is not about washi tapes. It is a method for productivity, designed with mindfulness in mind. If you still use tapes and stickers to make it better, why not add a cheat sheet of life hacks as well? This post contains a free printable […]

2020 Mood-Based Free Journal Printables for Depression

Do you occasionally find yourself feeling depressed? Cash grab books influenced by the bro culture growing around Stoicism can tell you not to think or care about it. My mood-based free journal printables for depression will show you why you need to do the opposite. And the good thing is; my suggestion is backed by […]

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