Mood-Based Free Journal Printable for Anger Management 2020

anger management worksheet

Anger is a strange thing. This mood-based free journal printable for anger management will help you with dealing with this feeling. I had a friend who gets angry every single time he feels hungry. While anger itself is a completely healthy sensation, you might say or do things in a way you will regret, if you don’t learn how to control your anger.

Angry mood free journal printable for anger management.

As I said above, anger itself is a healthy feeling. No matter how strong or calm we are, there is always some stuff that triggers us. You can’t really do too much to stop the feeling of anger altogether. What you can do, however, is discovering these triggers, and finding ways to avoid/ignore or deal with them.


I am not a medical doctor. Content of these anger management cards are proven to be really helpful with anger management. BUT this journal printable for angry mood isn’t intended to be a replacement for therapy or any professional help. So please, speak to a professional if you’re worried about your Mental Health. Remember, there is no shame in asking for help.

My Mood-Based Journaling Printables

This downloadable PDF is actually the third part of my mood-based mental health journaling series. If you didn’t download the first two printables, you can check them out here:

Part 1: Positive Mood Free Journal Printable

Part 2: Depressed Mood Free Journal Printable

Part 3: Angry Mood Free Journal Printable (You are reading it now.)

Science Behind The Anger Management Worksheets

For the last several weeks, I was doing my own little research on anger management. Other than science-based articles and several research papers, I did benefit a lot from Liz’s calming cards. Also, I strongly suggest everyone to read therapist Cody Mitts’s precious article about anger management.

Cody, in his article, points out some really important things about dealing with your anger. First, anger is not something that goes from 0 to 100 just like that. This is why anger management starts with learning to catch yourself when your anger is building up.

There are several thinking patterns that may cause you to get angry more often than you would want. These are usually using too much “shouldn’t” and “must not”, reading other people’s minds, expecting them to read your mind, labeling people, and black-or-white thinking.

Getting Curious Before Getting Furious With Anger Management Cards

This one is closely related to journaling. Also related to bullet journaling, especially if you use mood trackers along with your planner pages.

A furious cat. Probably not journaling. And not using journal printable for anger management.

Once you get the habit of journaling daily, there is a good chance you will find yourself practicing mindfulness. Being aware of what is happening around you, and what affects how you feel is an important part of journaling.

Being curious about what makes you feel angry is a great thing. This is the first step in managing your anger or feelings before they manage you.

Content Of The Free Angry Mood Journal Cards

Eight fold paper example of the printable for anger management.

Yes, it is shiny and colorful. But the content is what matters. Every page of the free pdf has an important purpose. You can find the explanations of each page below.

First Three Pages: Knowing Your Anger To Manage It

First three pages of the mental health printable have below journaling prompts:

  • Record Your Anger. Most cognitive behavioral therapy anger management worksheets you can find online will have these prompts. In order to control your anger, you should know what causes it. And for that, you should record your anger and discover your personal triggers. This printable page helps you with recording your angry mood.
  • Try These And Rate Them. Again, another one you will often see on free anger management worksheets. Some people find taking deep breaths or listening to music beneficial when they feel angry. Some think it is better to practice a hobby or talking to someone about what made them feel frustrated. The one that works for someone else may not work for you. This is why you should try all of them and discover how effective they are.
  • How Intense Is It? Remember, this worksheet is designed to help you with controlling your anger. Recording how intense is your anger is a part of it. This way, you can discover which one of your triggers cause the most cognitive distortions.

Next Two Pages: Coping With Anger, and Discovering Your Triggers

Your triggers can be people, places, things, thoughts or events. After filling the first page of the journal printable, you will realize some things. Hopefully, you will realize what triggers you the most. And I want you to write these sorts of triggers on the 4th page. The next page, however, asks you to do something more… challenging.

Most anger management worksheets lack this part. Because usually, the best way to deal with a trigger is to avoid it. But making a big change to your entire lifestyle or relationships might not be the best option. Instead, you can create a strategy that includes talking to someone about what happened.

You can also use coping skills. If you fill the pages in order, you already know which coping strategy works better for you. Just check out the third page of your free printable. You can find more coping skills online. My favorite is this wonderful article from Melissa.

Last Two Pages (Best Ones IMO)

CBT for anger is amazing, and luckily you can find many great resources, coping skill cards or free printables online. There are tons of articles on cognitive behavioral therapy and how to make it work.

But cognitive behavioral therapy is not the only method of managing your anger. For example, another approach to anger management is to learn to make fun of situations, or your triggers.

last two pages of anger management journal printable

This is why I’ve added a page titled “Make Fun Of It”. Make fun of the entire situation, and you will realize it is easier and healthier than letting others control how you feel.

The last card page of this printable for anger management will look very familiar. If you are using a bullet journal, or just journaling for mental health, you will immediately know what this page is about.

Both on my blog and in my personal life, I often try to encourage people to have a gratitude journal. Remembering the things you are grateful for is great. Because we usually need such reminders more often than we think. Cognitive distortions related to anger may often prevent you from thinking of things you are grateful for. This is why the gratitude journaling page is the last card of this printable, rather than being the first page of it.

Download The Printable For Anger Management

Angry mood journal printable on a black surface. Together with bullet journal for depression.

Below you can download the zip file. This file includes 4 different formats of the printable for anger management:

  • A4-sized printable and the grayscale version of it.
  • Letter-sized printable and the grayscale version of it.

Just download the anger management cards and try it out. Let me know how it works for you in the comments! (I suggest you to try this neat trick to turn it into a small, A7 sized notebook.)


Which One Looks Better?

anger management purple printable
anger management pin image for pinterest
anger management third pin image for pinterest

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Mood-Based Free Journal Printable for Anger Management 2020

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