Should I Keep A Journal? Read This 1 If You Are Not Sure.

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Should you keep a journal? When they hear the familiar word ‘Journal’, most people reasonably think of their childhood diary with pages starting with ‘Dear Journal’ or ‘Dear Diary’. If you think ‘I’m an adult now and keeping a journal is not for me.’, you are wrong. Putting your life and thoughts on paper delivers more direct benefits than you can imagine. Yes, seriously.

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Keeping a journal provides much more personal benefits than anyone can fit in a single article. Next week I will publish another informative post. Just to link scientific studies about journal keeping and its direct benefits.

Oh, you are already convinced to do it but dont know how to keep a journal? You can check my other posts for fantastic journal prompts and free journal printables.

But for now, let’s focus on the key advantages of putting your daily life, emotions or ideas on paper:

Achieving Your Goals by Keeping A Journal

We will talk about a study from Dominican University. It had 149 participants from England, U.S. , India, Belgium and other countries. They ranged in age from 23 to 72. The research proved that even if you simply write down your goals, you have %42 more chance to accomplish them! If you write down an action plan and report your progress weekly, your might have %77 more chance to accomplish your goals.

What Kind of Goals?

Participants had a variety of goals. Including but not limited to: more income, getting organized, better life balance, reducing anxiety, learning a new skill and updating a blog.

There are many other studies and proofs about how keeping a journal helps you achieve your goals. But even this one research should be enough to convince anyone.

Meditating For Real

Fake Life Coaches will hate me for this but: You can’t achieve everything. There, I said it. More specifically, you can’t achieve personal development or peace just by thinking about it. But this is exactly why you should carefully think and discover the things you can achieve. And for that, you need to know your strengths and weaknesses. Including the level of your emotional consistency or the realities you unknowingly trying to ignore.

So yes, you need to do something. But how? By listening to motivational voice recordings on YouTube or Headspace all day? By drinking more water every morning?

There are great things that happen in your brain. When you put words to paper from time to time. We all need to stop being lazy and start doing some thinking. And when it comes to organizing yout thoughts, a keeping a personal journal is the best. If you need a guide, you can try starting by searching for some journal prompts online.

Recording your past emotions and realizations. Is there a camera for that?

Where do you think, our past emotions and thoughts go when we die? This was a question someone asked on Quora 3 years ago. Obviously, most religions, have their own answers for this question. So let’s think about a safer question. Most of us use smart phone cameras to record important moments. So we have access to our past memories later. Then why not record your important thoughts, emotions or realizations by keeping a journal?

Keep a Journal to Improve Your Immune System (I am serious.)

Actually, there are a lot of studies about this. Writing about your deep thoughts and emotions for 15 minutes per day will most probably power up your immune system. Even if you write about your daily life and regular thoughts, you will still benefit some.

So, keep a journal. Do it everyday. It helps with asthma and rheumatoid arthritis. It also helps with eating disorder, bipolar disorder, ADD. Keeping a journal strengthens immune cells called T- lymphocytes.

How to keep a journal?

Both for kids and adults, there are a lot of ways to keep a journal. So many that you can’t even say which one suits you better. But to have a quick start with keeping a journal, you can search for journal prompts.

If you have anxiety problems, you can personalize your diary with turning some pages to a CBT journal. You don’t have to pay 35 pounds for it. Just use free cbt journal work sheets from web. You can print free journal printables if you are really not sure how to keep a journal.

If you want to improve your immune system, keep a journal. You feel sad or have negative emotions? Keep a journal. If you are happy and you want to record it, keep a journal. I promise it will improve your life.

If You Find It Hard

If you tried using a bullet journal and you still feel like journaling is not your thing, don’t worry. Just read this amazing post from Rachel’s blog. It basically tells you about why some people find themselves struggling with bullet journals.

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Should I Keep A Journal? Read This 1 If You Are Not Sure.

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