Free Journal Printables With Mood Tracking 1: Positive Journal

Free journal printable for positive mood tracking, guided journal

I’m finally publishing my first free journal printable. This can be the first journal printable from 2020. The download link for the journal PDF template is at the bottom. But first, let’s take a look at it. And talk about how you can use it. Either as a guided journal or as a mood tracker.

Free journal printable for positive mood tracking, guided journal
Free journal printable for positive mood tracking, guided journal

The Look of the Positive Mood Free Journal Printable

This free printable has the size of one page A4 white paper. But you can use it to print something bigger since it uses vector drawings. I used light, pastel blue and pink with some bright yellow to give it a calm, but alive look. You don’t need to resize printables to fit US letter. Just print it and remove the extra space.

Decorating a bullet journal is not an easy job. Especially if you don’t have enough space on the paper. I would like to design a more colorful, fun version. It would also be suitable as journal printables for high school. But I don’t want anyone to stop writing answers to diary prompts. And say “Oh, no space left. I better keep it short”. That would be the opposite of a good journal printable even if it’s free.

Since it has 8 areas, you can try using a no-glue technique to create 8 pages from an A4 paper. So you can fully enjoy your free guided journaling printable:

Content and How It Works

Actually this free printable is the first part of a series. I’m working on free guided journals for 4 different moods. “Positive” was the first of the moods.

It will take several weeks for me to finish designing all of them. I’m also reading through more than 50 interesting therapy worksheets and CBT research papers. (Cognitive Behavior Therapy). In order to find the most helpful journaling prompts I can come up with, I’m doing a lot of research. There is no one true way of how to journal about feelings. Normally- -probably- your main objective should be analyzing your current feelings. You need to examine the thoughts behind them and try to see if you are making any assumptions(or some other mistake). This should help you with developing a positive mindset on the way of self-discovery.

But what if you are already happy? What if you have completely positive emotions at the moment? Well, a positive mindset and a positive mood are great. When it comes to making plans. Apparently it’s also a good time for listing the positive things in your free guided journal printable. These lists will help you remember those things if you are down.

Free journal printable consists of 8 small pages so you can carry it with you and use it when you need it. You may want to keep it with you after you complete it. Because as I said, listing positive thoughts can help you boost your self-esteem and remember the way out when you feel stuck.

Downloading 2020 Free Printables. but for What?

Preview of positive mood tracker and free journal printables with guided journal writing prompts.
Preview of positive mood tracker and free journal printables with guided journal writing prompts.

You can think of this as a minimalist bullet journal printable and create a lot of copies to use it as a weekly spread. What makes it different is not only the cute factor it has. It’s flexibility. Ability to use it as a bullet journal, weekly spread or even a mood tracker. Yes, it doesn’t work as a yearly petite planner. But when you download printable for feeling depressed, worried and energetic, you will have the whole set.

Are These Bullet Journal Printables Free?

“Journal writing, when it becomes a ritual for transformation, is not only life-changing but life-expanding.”

-Jen Williamson

Yes, enjoy it! You can use print them and share them with anyone. They are free for personal use. Of course, I wouldn’t want anyone to sell this journaling printable since I’m giving it for free for anyone to download. I don’t permit its use for commercial purposes.

We all started to forget about colorful pages and prints. Because we don’t usually need actual paper. At least not as much as in the old days. We are lost inside lists, notes, calendars. But they are all virtual. I know, it is not necessarily a bad thing. And it’s most probably a good thing too. But it has some handicaps.

Moving to the virtual world caused us to write less. About ourselves, nature, or any random topic. Putting your positive emotions, negative emotions and thoughts on paper are proven to affect you. By answering related journal prompts, you will receive great benefits both mental and physically.

This is the reason I’m giving this free journal printables for a positive mood. By creating this blog, I’m trying to make a difference in people’s lives. I aim to create a great source for bullet journal writing prompts and freebies.

Download for Mindful Journaling

Small blue mindfulness journal for positive mood. Preview of a man holding free printable download.
Small blue mindfulness journal for positive mood. Preview of a man holding free printable download.

Mindfulness is being fully present. It is about being aware of a number of things. Where we are? Is anything happening around us? What do we think? How do we feel? Some mindfulness strategies help us both with analyzing our thoughts & feelings and not getting lost in the past or future.

These free bullet journal printables PDF can be extra handy. If you are interested in mindfulness printables. I know, this printable focuses on tracking positive ideas and emotions. But next week’s free printable will be a great companion. The next print will contain journal prompts for depression. It will focus on negative thoughts and feelings. That and today’s free printable together will make a great team. You can think of it as a mindfulness printable as well.

Journaling Prompts Included

The printable has these journaling prompts:

  • Things and places I adore.
  • One thing I’ve worked hard to achieve.
  • Things to look forward to.
  • A letter to my future self.
  • Names of the two people I can count on for hugs.
  • Two things I’m passionate about.
  • What will I do next.

If you think it sounds like a gratitude journal, you are right. Most gratitude journals focus on similar subjects. But this printable is different. I made a lot of research before creating this. It asks you about your protective factors. It creates a great collection of things you will most probably won’t be able to see when you are depressed. The purpose of such writing prompts is to serve as a reminder. Also, it asks about your passions, ideas about your future. It asks for possible expectations for your future. After you think about these important questions, it asks you the final question. What will you do in the future?

A suggestion: you can also use a gratitude app like this one or that one to remember being grateful.

Download Link For Journal PDF Template

You can use the download button below. This little bullet journal is the first part of a free journal printable series. Therefore, I would suggest you enter your e-mail address. This way you can get notified about the next week’s journal printable; “journal printable for feeling depressed“.

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Download it, and use it as a bullet journal if you want. You can also use it as a helper for your mood tracker.

There is also a grayscale version of the journal pdf printable. It’s included with the download above.

preview of the grayscale journal pdf template.


Which One Looks Better?

free bullet journal printable for positive mood
free bullet journal printables pin for positiveness
free pdf printables for positive mood-based journal 2020

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Free Journal Printables With Mood Tracking 1: Positive Journal

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